Curbed Network No Longer Shunning Mountain Time Zone

imageJoin us in welcoming Eater Denver to the family. Helmed by journalism school and FCI grad Lauren Hendrick, who “looks forward to working overtime to make Eater Denver your one-stop stop for all things food and drink in this crazy city”. The Westword’s Cafe Society was on the spot with the scoop.

Eater Denver is the 16th Eater and the 31st Curbed Network site overall.

Eater’s Southern Swing Lights up Internet


Recent Eater launches in Atlanta, Dallas and Houston attracted a flurry of press interest from across the country. Click through for coverage from The Dallas ObserverAtlanta Journal ConstitutionDallas NewsHouston PressCreative LoafingPegasus NewsD MagazineNew York ObserverFood Republic and The Huffington Post.